Biggest Fish: Anna McDonald (Trevally 230g)

Biggest Bag: 750g – Anna McDonald



Biggest Fish: 470g Trevally – Billy Leehane

Biggest Bag: 1,260g – Bodhi Carberry

Will Shepherd – 1,220g
Darcy Ewer – 325g
Bodhi Carberry – 1,260g
Sam Leehane – 140g
Billy Leehane – 715g
Holli Carberry – 260g


Kids Squid Comp

Erin Ewer 380g and Billy Leehane 150g



Biggest Fish:  530g – Todd Leehane

Biggest Bag: 475g – Scott Carberry

Louie McDonald – 130g
Rob Carberry – 365g
Todd Leehane – 530g
Scott Carberry – 475g


Rob Carberry Award

Steve Bruce – head banger
Todge – double coated chicken schnitzel in the sand, fishing-rod-snapper and “ass-up”

Winner of the Rob Carberry Award: Todge

Special Mentions:  Louie “proud and punchy” McDonald, and Billy “15 minutes” Leehane