Our Club

The Apsley Angling Club Inc. was established on 30th November 2012.

We have monthly Fishing Competitions – from October to March.

We fish locally – Lake Charlegrark, Lake Bringalbert, and at other locations like Southend (near Beachport), Taylors Lake (near Horsham), Nelson (Vic), and many more…..

Our club embraces families, fun and fishing – we all have a ball, we seem to catch a fair few fish, with a lot of laughs on the way….


The town of Apsley

Apsley is a small town in Victoria, Australia. It is on the Wimmera Highway, in the Shire of West Wimmera, 420 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, and 7 kilometres east of the South Australian border.

The town is named after Apsley House in London. It was surveyed in 1851 and proclaimed in 1852, a Post Office opening on 1 January 1854 replacing that of Lake Wallace (open since 1 March 1849 nearer what is now Edenhope serving the grazing population.

A large Red-flowering Gum on Wallace Street is listed on the National Trust of Australia’s Significant Tree Register for Victoria.